Freebies: Best Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

Freebies: Best Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

If you are looking for easy in use, beautiful and free Lightroom presets, FixThePhoto, is a professional online photo editing company provides about 300 high-quality Lightroom presets for any photography style, which allows you to quickly edit dozens of images. All Lightroom presets are easily adjustable, can be used on both Mac and Windows, and applied to .raw and .gpeg file formats.

What is a Lightroom preset?

A LightRoom preset is a saved kit of settings, which can include the adjustment of:
  • white balance
  • saturation
  • image warmth or shadows
  • tonal contrast
  • glow
  • temperature
  • black and white balance

Every photographer who has been engaged in photo editing for a long time makes his/her own collection of LR presets, which he/she constantly uses in the work. It is very important to find new presets to enlarge your collection and make photos look pop.

Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

FixThePhoto develops free Lightroom presets for portraits, landscapes, weddings, and other photography genres. Of course, you can also download free Lightroom presets mobile if you need to post professionally edited photos in the social networks.
Let’s have a closer look at this variety!

Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

Universal Lightroom presets

This collection of the best free Lightroom presets mean such LightRoom plugins that do not have limitations or preferences in using for special types of photos. They include the following free Lightroom Presets:
  • Black&White
  • Sepia
  • Monochrome
  • Dark
  • Moody.
A photographer can use them as he/she likes for different photo session styles. In fact, these LR presets are universal, that’s why they are so popular among the photographers and designers.

Wedding Lightroom presets

These free wedding Lightroom presets have soft colors that are ideal for the romantic bridal images. They offer a very harmonious combination of pastel and matte tones.  This free Lightroom presets wedding can easily underline the beauty and naturalness of each love story.

Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto

Lightroom presets for portraits

We know that portraits require a tedious and long-term photo correction to improve all the flaws. Using our LR presets, you can forget about this exhausting process, and get rid of small defects and imperfections easily. Free Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto make editing photos faster, emphasizing all details without diverting attention from the most important things.

Landscape Lightroom presets

The best free Lightroom presets 2017 comprise lots of plugins for landscape photo editing. Travel blogging has been developed rapidly during the recent years; therefore, these LR presets are very popular. They help to underlay the beauty of nature and allow adjusting the brightness and adding natural contrast.

Urban LightRoom presets

If you are a photographer, who often deals with city photo sessions, these free Lightroom presets come in handy. Utilizing the last Lightroom techniques, which were created by our team of professionals, you can make your images brighter and more interesting. You can choose between cityscape, street and glow Lightroom presets.

HDR presets

To edit your pictures in an exclusive way, you can apply the best free Lightroom presets 2018 – HDR. No matter, if you want to demonstrate the nightlife in all colors, add a vintage look or just work enhance property or architectural images – these LR presets will be really useful.

Real estate Lightroom presets

Real estate or interiors photos will benefit from using special light, color palette and free Lightroom presets. This LR presets collection was designed to help photographers edit their real estate images faster and receive really professional pictures.

Product LR presets

Contrast and white balance adjustment, as well as, sharing are the most important settings if you edit the product images. It is important to save the balance between them. With these free Lightroom presets, you can improve each photo in a matter of seconds.

Newborn Lightroom presets

Use particular soft color tones and adjust the brightness of the image to show the purity of a baby. This Lightroom presets were designed to get the best of child portraits.

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