The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

In order to stay on top, businesses need to do their best and follow a variety of trends. Some are related to the latest technological solutions that make the workflow run more smoothly. On the other hand, presentation is an important business task as well, making it very important to follow particular design trends which are constantly changing.
In the past couple of years, the graphics design world has greatly changed, leading to the emergence of various graphic design styles, each of them helping companies’ presence become memorable. In this whole process, a company’s logo plays a very important role. If your Logo designed by any professional graphic design company then it becomes memorable as well as stupendous.

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The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

When it comes to 2017, there are already clear design elements which are currently dominating and will certainly dominate in the following year.

Let’s take a look at some logo design trends that will rule throughout 2017.

The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

Less is more

The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

Like with general graphic design rules, keeping things minimalistic is something most businesses go for. For example, flat designs, or the very similar material designs, are a great option. You put a small number of things in the logo, yet clearly make it memorable. Details should be kept for those who want to learn more about the brand, and having it all in the logo is simply impossible, especially when you take into account that it can lead to counterproductive effects.

Companies that have taken this approach include Google, Alphabet, and Verizon.

Hand-drawn designs

A hand-drawn design is an emerging trend that is becoming increasingly popular. As businesses are always looking for ways to immediately connect with their customers, a hand-written design is a great way to achieve this effect and this is why many brands choose to take this route. There is simply a certain level of uniqueness and personality to these types of logos. A great example of this trend is the foods you can website. That company’s logo radiates assurance with this custom, drawn-like design that carries a certain level of authenticity.

Negative space is here to stay

Negative space design is used by some of the most popular brands in the world, which includes the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and many others. This specific design approach is perfect for creating memorable and fun logos that actually engage the potential future customers.

To make a great negative space design, it is necessary to be as creative as possible, as it will make that logo look incredible and memorable for the viewers.


Creating a great logo is only one of the steps that one should think about. Owing to the fact that videos are becoming more popular in ad campaigns, it is certain that the animated logo design trend is going to become even more popular during 2017.

Unique line art

Line art has been present in the logo design world for a couple of years now, and it is certainly going to remain a trend in 2017. It introduces a sleek and consistent look with a variety of curved and straight lines. One of the best examples of what can be achieved with this design style is presented by Jeff Finley. This logo design style is perfect for smaller businesses that want to capture attention.

Vintage is never off the table

The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

Vintage is one of those styles that are always used by designers in various industries. Relying on this type of style is perfect for tapping into the emotions and memories of your customers, which will make them research the company more, or even do business with it. It is simply one of those subconscious things that experts use in marketing strategy, an approach that is timeless, as there is always a particular target audience to whom you are appealing too.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all generations appreciate this design approach and that it is simply not suitable for a particular industry. For example, imagine if Apple, the biggest tech giant in the world, has a logo of an old iMac. It would produce a counterproductive effect. On the other hand, a small business that is into hand-crafted objects might pick this design style to be more authentic.

Geometric shapes

The Ultimate Logo Design Trends for 2017

Over the years, geometry has played an important role in the logo design process. There are those who went with combining a variety of geometric shapes in their logos, whereas others stayed with a single element, relying on simplicity.

This logo design approach is always going to be popular. For example, with the expansion and development of the Android operating system and Google’s Material design, we are witnessing an increase in popularity when it comes to circular designs.

There are numerous brands that went with this design type decades ago. For example, BMW, Starbucks, and countless other well-known companies. The rising popularity of circular designs also indicates that more brands are going to turn to making their logos with geometric shapes. It will certainly stick around throughout 2017 as well.

These are logo styles that are going to dominate the following year, so make sure that you implement one of these if you are planning to rebrand, redesign, or design your logo from scratch. Go with a design style that is not a completely recent trend, as there is a chance of it becoming less popular only a couple of months later. Go with traditional designs which are going to stay popular for longer periods of time.

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