Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

If you are using WordPress then you don’t have to worry about anything at all because the beauty of WordPress is if you are having any problem or want to improve something to your web site, you can use WordPress plugins from the side rang of availability in the market.

Many things can be accomplished from WordPress plugins and the main fact is you don’t have to code a single line. Just find the right plugins according to your need, install it to your WordPress and configure it as you need that it. Amazing isn’t it?

So we have gathered a collection of best WordPress SEO plugins which helps you to improve in rank also all the WordPress plugins will helps you to speed up your web site.

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Just have a look below to checkout Top best WordPress SEO plugins to speed up and optimize with SEO.

Top Best Free & Paid WordPress SEO Plugins 2017

LinkPatrol – Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Since outbound links can damage your site’s SEO rankings, it’s beneficial to take an inventory of them and get rid of the inferior ones. LinkPatrol improves your outgoing link profile by removing spammy links immediately, finding and removing problem anchor texts, and keeps track of newly added links and keywords.
You can start cleaning up your links for $50 for the basic plan.
Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

WP Rich Snippets – Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Think of rich snippets as additional tidbits of information that show up underneath Google’s search results. Sometimes also called Schema markups, these snippets make it easier for your WordPress webpages to successfully stand out in search results, thus helping with SEO. In a practical sense, when people understand what your site is about more clearly, that can translate to higher click-through rates.
Pricing starts at $69 for a full year, with other, more expensive tiers beyond that.
Download WP Rich Snippets WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Google Analytics for WordPress – Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Knowing how your site performs is vital to SEO efforts because you need to know where visitors are coming from, how much time they’re spending on each page, and what they’re doing on each page. When you’re armed with this info, you’re better able to optimize pages so that they appear higher in search results.
It’s available for free, but you need a Google Analytics account first.
Download Google Analytics for WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO – Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Formerly WordPress SEO by Yoast, Yoast SEO is the go-to plugin for many marketers who want better search rankings. That’s because this plugin assists you in writing better content, offers you a page analysis, provides a search-engine view so you know if your meta description is excellent or not, and even creates an XML sitemap to help your rankings
Yoast’s popularity is based on it being free, but there’s also a premium version for additional support that starts at $69 for a single site.
Download Yoast SEO WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Optimized Instagram  – Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Usually, Instagram plugins serve images directly from Instagram’s servers, hampering your ability to control image size and other factors necessary to maintain good site speed. As an Austin-based SEO, I run into this issue regularly when tuning sites, particularly tech startups. This lightweight and developer-friendly plugin instead pulls Instagram images and creates and optimizes precision-sized thumbnails. It then serves the images locally, helping to increase site speed.
It’s available for free.
Download Optimized Instagram Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

WP Smush – Image Optimization – Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Look at any WordPress site today, and you’ll notice how replete they are with images because images hook readers and visitors. Unfortunately, vivid images come in big file sizes, which has a tendency to really slow down a site. That’s where this plugin comes into the picture: It compresses images as they’re scaled down, so site speed won’t suffer. As a result, unnecessary data is stripped, helping to optimize your site’s performance.
WP Smush is available for free.
Download WP Smush – Image Optimization Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

WP Super Cache – Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Each time a site visitor arrives, his or her browser’s required to load a slew of items like logos, CSS files, and additional resources. Depending on how much of this is on a site, the slower the site will be. WP Super Cache essentially keeps track of items already loaded the first time a page was accessed—so it doesn’t waste resources by loading them again.
This plugin will run automatically after it’s been uploaded and enabled. It’s also free of charge.
Download WP Super Cache WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

WP Optimize – Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

This comprehensive WP cleanup plugin will help you optimize your site’s speed in short order. It cleans up your database by taking away spam comments, old post revisions, and trashed items. Since an excess of clutter like that is what substantially contributes to a slow site, removing them regularly will boost site speed.
It’s free of charge.
Download WP Optimize Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Top Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

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