The Forgotten Art of Human Touch: 5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

Being a main graphic representation of a brand, a logo is certainly one of the most essential aspects of each company’s marketing endeavors. When unique, clever and quirky, a business emblem is potent enough to acquire a competitive edge, drive traffic to the website and, most importantly, intrigue potential customers just enough to make the first of many future touch points with a story behind products and services. As such, a logo is the central piece of a company’s brand and a keynote that determines the approach to design, advertising and an overall experience that the audience expects to encounter.
Here’s our selection of five of the most stunning logo designs for the year to come.

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5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

1. Keep It Minimal

5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

Wherever you look and whoever you ask, the word about the current market dynamic is pretty much the same – the competition is fierce, the customers defined by their caprices and the marketplace oversaturated. Compelled to be eccentric and whimsical in order to stand out from the crowd, designers sketch their logos as loudly and as complicated as they can.
Although not particularly a novelty, the minimalist concept remains charming refreshment. As a visual display of your brand, minimalism speaks of refinement and sophistication of aesthetics and practicality and smoothness of company’s operations. Most importantly, it conveys a clear, transparent and unconvoluted message, and is, therefore, the sleekest solution for your new brand image.

2. Draw It Yourself

5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

Just like minimalistic design, hand-drawn graphics have already been experimented with in the past, but are expected to develop even further in the year to come. The era of hyperbolized digitalization has already cluttered us with so much automation and artificiality that we now finally recognize our innate need for a human touch, something that this trend certainly evokes.
So far, hand-drawn logos stood as emblematic solutions employed mostly by cafés and restaurants, but, luckily, they are spreading even faster than we’ve expected them to. And no wonder, since they provide the perfect balance between anti-establishment on one side and business savviness on the other; moreover, these logos are brilliant at painting a picture of authenticity and personality, two traits that have been unfairly neglected over the past few years.

3. Play With Perception

5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

Being a practice developed to soothe the public eye, branding heavily relies on psychology behind consumer behaviour and our audience’s needs, wants and preferences, even when they are subconscious. By proposing a game in which every single component plays significant part in capturing viewer’s attention, negative spaces are one of the smartest reinterpretations of traditional logo design so far.
Essentially, the negative spaces design is formed around dual imagery. As a result, the subtle optical illusion created in the process forces a viewer to stop, even for a second, and try to discern the real message embedded in the logo. With its approach being somewhat more complicated, but still appealing and effective, you don’t have to bother much with building a website that will provide an engaging experience for visitors – everything you need to attract and retain is already right there in the logo itself.

4. Simplify To Impress
Expected to peak in 2017, the line art design offers plenty of potential for mixing and matching with previous logo trends. In their core, these symbols are minimalistic, appear as humane as hand-drawn ones, and use a lot of negative spaces methodology to make a compelling case that the audience could hardly refuse.
In order to make a logo clean and polished, line art uses thick lines and solid colors, most commonly of one shade only. The result is fun, quirky and, above all else, spontaneous. Furthermore, this solution suggests a dash of nostalgia, but reinterprets it in a modern way, which currently seems like a fool proof recipe for success. 

5. Awake the Nostalgia

5 Stunning Logo Design Trends For 2017

When in doubt, remember McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or Old Spice – brand-able storytelling is all about childhood memories, happy places and comforting feelings, which is why vintage design will never go out of fashion. Sentiment and nostalgia are still some of the strongest incentives in customer behaviour, and when it comes to competitive markets, they are certainly the race winners.
Frankly speaking, the vintage design can never be a cutting-edge trend, but that still doesn’t mean that going vintage implies going safe – there are many ways to put an irresistible, even avant-garde twist to this recurring tale of longing. By playing the nostalgia card, you’re simultaneously establishing your brand as traditional, high-quality and authoritative, which are, ultimately, some of the finest values a company can promise to its customers.
 With the mutual nuance of minimalism, hand-drawn, negative spaces, line art and vintage design being an authentically humane and slightly nostalgic approach, these five exciting logo trends announce a spectacular comeback of personality to our branding agendas in the following years. However fashionable, your new logo should be instantly recognized, accepted and loved, which is something a human touch will certainly provide.

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