60+ Horse Logos For Your Inspiration

A horse is a horse, of course, but sometimes, it’s also a symbol or emblem commonly used by companies and individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. We talk about fast cars in terms of “horse power”; we get our information “Straight from the horse’s mouth”. And when we’re passionate about something, “wild horses couldn’t drag you away”.


Black Forest Stables
Black Horse
Black Night
Brunello Hospitality
Camelot Royal Dishes
Carousel Media
Cascade Valley Stabels Logo
Cavalry Insurance Services
Clever Bet
CowBoy Logo
Dynasty Horse Feed
Destrier Cigars
Dynasty Equine
Equi Passion Cava Aussi Avee Une Baseline
Equi Passion
Equi Cart
Flexi Horse
Furio Arabians
General Lafayette Inn & Brewery
Good Bye Horses
Gray Horse Equine Youth Ministry
Gypsy Horse
Hey Ling
Highway Huns
Horse Fish Logo
Horse Chess Crown Logo
Iron Horse Holdings
Iron Horse Financial
Jupiter Riding Club
Horse Tripe
Horse Spike
Looxes Woodwork
Local Classes Horse Riding
Lyra Horse Music Club
Liberty Wind Company
Mila Valentin
Horse Play
More Land Mavericks
Horse On Wheels
OPE – Service Award
Peach Orchard Mansion
nuevas Fronteras Los Exploradores
Premium Children Apparel
Pudev Agency Show & Events
Pink Flamingo Farms
Red Horse
Rogue Pony
Red Horse Post Production Company
Sover Inn Be Independent
Pegasus Group
Steed Film Studios
My Horse Riding
Store Logo In Progress
Historisches Spielzeug
Sunrise Chess & Games
Terror’s Creek Drum And Gypsy Horse STUD
The Dallas Mavericks
The Nelson
Tullamore Estate
Unique Idea
Warrior Artist Productions
White Horse
White Horse Pub
WildHorze Racing
Work Horse

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