The Spirit of Adventure in Travel Logos

Terranova by Adrian Espinoza

 As a graphical mark, every logo has a definite purpose: to create and promote wide public recognition of a particular brand, company, project, etc. In order to succeed each logo needs to combine practical efficiency with distinct artistic value, both working for grabbing the attention of the audience.
Moreover, in view of small dimensions of the canvas, logo designers need to work hard to express graphically the very quintessence of the idea or message in a very laconic yet clear way. Have a look at the below published collection of logos. A single glance is enough to understand the particular sphere of business those logos are meant to represent. Furthermore, a single glance is enough to recreate the atmosphere of traveladventurerelaxation, and exotic impressions.

 Crystal’s Resort by McGuire Design
 Spicy Island Grill by Gustavo Sandoval

 Nighttour by paparanch

 Oceanic by Veep
 Hampton_Rustic by Dan Gretta

 Rutland Arms Hotel by Roy Smith
 Vacation Homes of Palm Island by Jerron Ames

 Traveltime by simak82

 Skispotters by willhowe

 TravelFielder by Benjamin Manley

 Getaway Travel by Noetic Brands

 Maldavio by Alen “Type08″ Pavlovic

 Lilac Imports by Tim Garner

SWAN LAKE by Mike Erickson

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