Concept Facebook Phone

The rumour of a Facebook or myspace mobile cellphone, a mobile cellphone completely made around the social networking massive is a never ending story. The amount of gossip which individuals have come up with behind the Facebook or myspace mobile cellphone is absurd. Some individuals strongly believe there will be one, while others are very doubtful. Facebook or myspace is a love-hate company, some individuals are absolutely with Facebook or myspace, while others dislike it, there is no neglecting its popularity though.

This idea Facebook or myspace or fb cellular cell phone by Michal Bonikowski features an all steel body, a large 4.2-inch screen, 5MP front suffering from photo photographic camera for those unlimited pictures you really like taking of yourself, a 8MP suffering from to the back photo photographic camera to take pictures of junk people do not care about, and wifi inductive asking for so when you get back consumed as junk you do not have to mess with connections. 


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